Siding Repair

Best Siding Repair Services in Manchester and Glastonbury, CT

Connecticut is a home for 3.558 million (as of 2017 census) friendly people. Every residential building consists of at least 3 family members in that population. You being one of them will definitely think of having your damaged siding done especially in the season where storms are coming. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, so hiring the best siding repair in Connecticut might be what you’re thinking right now.

Certain parts of your home defend you and your family against the elements. Siding is one of them. If you have siding installed, after 20 years or more, it starts to develop problems. Deterioration depends on the siding material used and how well it is maintained.

Quality Siding Repair

Since 2011

Slavin Home Improvement specializes in siding repair in Connecticut, specifically in Manchester and Glastonbury. Whether your siding is made of wood or vinyl, our professional contractors have the license and experience to handle all kinds of siding damage.

We perform the following repairs:

  • Replace worn-out siding panels

  • Re-install siding to loosen up tight nails

  • Seal joints to prevent water infiltration

  • Update siding color with special paint

  • Repair small or large holes

If your siding problems are too large to undergo a repair, we suggest that you get a new siding installation instead. There will come a time that simple repairs can no longer restore your siding. You need a new material that maximizes protection and greatly reduces cooling and heating expenses.

What are signs you need a repair today?

Cracks and peeling paint

These signs indicate that water has seeped through your siding. Vinyl siding needs to be repainted using special paint and methods that we can provide.

Increase in monthly bills

Visible signs of damage may not always be present. Look out for an unusual increase in your energy bills. They indicate problems with insulation and leaking.

Visible nails

If the nails of your siding are starting to pop out and have a rusty appearance, get it repaired as soon as possible. Nails should properly secure the siding to your home.

Hire a Trusted Siding Expert

This is a job that requires the right training. While there are many contractors in Manchester and Glastonbury, not all of them has your best interests in mind. If you want professionals with keen attention to detail, protects nearby structures while they work, and leaves your property clean at the end of each workday, rely on Slavin Home Improvement.

We restore your home’s exterior using the best products from Mastic Home Exteriors and CertainTeed. Our services are affordable and ensure that your home better stands against harsh weather, moisture, and even pest infestation.

Our professionals repair all siding types. Learn more or get a free quote today. Contact us at (860) 264-5153 or