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Gutter Repair

Do You Need a Rain Gutter Repair in Manchester or Glastonbury, CT?

The average liquid precipitation in Connecticut, especially in the month of March is 4.2 inches. That’s why you need those gutters in good condition. Gutters are important structures of your home. They funnel away water from your home when it rains. Slavin offers quality gutter repair in the areas Manchester and Glastonbury that will help your home prevent water damage.

If you’re like most homeowners, the only time you pay attention to gutters is during the installation process. Gutters require maintenance because over time, they deteriorate. Many things could damage a gutter system. Outside elements, age, and even poor workmanship result in faulty gutters.

Quality Repair Manchester and Glastonbury, in Connecticut

When it comes to repairing gutters, the trained professionals at Slavin Home Improvement are at your service. Having been in business since 2011, we witnessed the effect of outside elements on the state of gutters in many homes. Manchester CT is no stranger to strong hurricane winds. During winter, snow can accumulate and interfere with proper drainage.

That said, we provide rain gutter repair services for Manchester and Glastonbury homes that help your gutters perform optimally. Failure to deal with minor gutter problems right now create bigger problems down the road. If you’re concerned or suspect that your gutters are not performing adequately, call us at (860) 264-5153 because we can help.

What are signs that indicate a gutter repair?

Leaking – Homeowners usually face leaking gutters due to clogs and cracks at the seams.
Pools of water around foundation – Water should flow away from your foundation, not around it.
Sagging or pulling away – Excess weight from accumulating water result in gutters that bow away from your house.
Peeling paint – If paint starts to peel off, this is a sign that water is damaging your gutter material.
Old age – Check the year you had the gutters installed. Aluminum seamless gutters last 20 years while copper lasts up to 50.

How Slavin Home Improvement Can Help

The professionals at Slavin Home Improvement perform repairs on gutters that are showing signs of damage. We inspect your gutters to determine if they need fixing or a gutter replacement. If you need new gutters, we also install seamless gutters.

Our professionals will install missing gutter parts, re-hang and re-nail them if they sag, re-paint them, and repair sources of leaks.

If you notice or suspect the signs we mentioned above, don’t hesitate to seek expert help! Investing in the care of your gutters will spare you from bigger, more expensive problems.

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