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Common Roofing Problems You'll Face During Summer

Summer's here, and agreeably, it's the best time to get out for a swim or an outdoor adventure before fall and the winter sets to keep everyone inside. However, your roof never benefits from summer. Yes, the storms and rains might be absent, but heat can cause unique roofing problems that could be expensive to fix (and fortunately, cheap to repair or prevent).

Here are several roofing problems you'll face during summer.

Increased Heat Absorption

You and your roof are 'sweating hard' with the increased temperatures and longer period in the sun. In your case, hydration can easily fix it. But, for your roof, you'll need some roof coatings to keep it in good shape. 

Protective coatings allow any roof material (even asphalt shingles, if they're compatible) to reflect heat off the roof. They're usually light-colored and create thick membranes to prevent heat absorption, reflect UV rays, and reduce the heat in your attic.

Cracking or Splitting Asphalt Shingles

One clear sign you have poor attic ventilation and insulation is a cracked shingle. Cracking or splitting asphalt shingles occur due to extremely hot air trapped in the attic. Without a means to escape, they dissipate slowly, their continued presence heating up asphalt shingles, expanding them, and causing them to absorb moisture from humidity or rain.

Once the asphalt shingles absorb enough moisture, the evaporation process causes blisters on the shingles, which lead to cracks and splits. Splitting often happens due to the repeated contraction and expansion of roofs through seasonal rotations and worsens with age.


Everything feels muckier and stickier when you're at home during a hot summer in a high humidity environment. An example to demonstrate this is boiling water inside a room that's poorly ventilated – you will feel your skin sticky as moisture tries to cool your body.

Your asphalt shingles and other roofing materials can absorb humidity or moisture in the air as they expand. The higher the local humidity levels, the more likely it is they absorb and create cracks or blisters on their surface.

Summer Storms

Summer rains can be horrendous. They might be quite windy or pour in torrents as if a waterfall. A poorly maintained roof that cannot keep up with the stress and drainage requirements of a severe summer storm will suffer from immense and expensive damage. While it might sound like we're endorsing our services, it always makes sense to have a scheduled roof replacement from a renowned local roofer.

Pipe, Downspout and Gutter Blockage

The pollen of spring and the new growth of leaves, flowers, and everything else in between can direct their leaves and twigs on your roof. This is quite common for homes with overhanging tree branches above their roof.

The best way to prevent this is to use regular roof cleaning and maintenance services from a local reliable roofing company. They won't only clear your roof during the checkup but give you a full evaluation of its current state.

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