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April 8, 2024
The Most Common Spring Issue: Cracking and Splitting Asphalt Shingles

As the chill of winter gives way to the warmth of spring, homeowners may notice changes in their asphalt shingle roofs. Cracking and splitting are common issues that can occur during this season, and understanding their causes and implications is essential for maintaining a durable and long-lasting roof. Here are the most common reasons why […]

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February 13, 2023
Choosing the Best Roofing Underlayment for Your Home

Asphalt shingles are the top protective layer that needs help from underlayment all the time. Learn more about underlayments in this post.

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November 23, 2022
Effectively Hide Your Gutter Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are a small yet important part of your home. They protect your foundation and roofing material. Despite their usefulness, they might look out-of-place with your exterior aesthetic. You can effectively hide your gutter downspouts using the following methods. Paint Paint your downspouts so they blend with your property's primary color. You can […]

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October 20, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Roofing Contracts


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September 22, 2022
Signs That You Have Attic Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most devastating roofing issues any homeowner can encounter. It can leave your sheathing and rafters in poor, softened condition. Fortunately, determining whether you have water damage is easy – just follow the steps below Ceiling Discoloration Soaked ceiling plywoods and boards will change into a rust or brown-colored splotch […]

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August 17, 2022
Debunking Circulating Asphalt Shingle Myths Today

Asphalt shingles are the top roofing material used for most homes today because it's affordable. Asphalt shingles can cost a third less than metal roofing or clay tiles. They also offer plenty of variety when it comes to color and style. Numerous suppliers in your area distribute high-quality asphalt shingles that can last for decades […]

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July 20, 2022
Wavy Asphalt Shingles: Brand New But Broken?

You've called up your roofer because the roof's condition is about to get worse later in the next five years. These certified roofers only use high-quality asphalt shingles from a renowned manufacturer. Their certification ensures you can make claims on any poor material and construction performance after installing your roof. The roofer did a great […]

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June 15, 2022
Hiding Downspouts: Is It Worth The Effort?

For most roof contractors and home renovations, hiding downspouts is a must, unless homeowners like the rustic, old-time look of downspouts in their homes. These components are functionally necessary for any property, but they do not contribute any aesthetic value to the property. However, hiding downspouts can be costly for some properties, especially if you're […]

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May 18, 2022
3 Areas to Focus On During Springtime Roof Maintenance

Virtually every property repairs and replacement benefits from springtime’s excellent balance of hot and cold temperatures. Too-hot temperatures make it nearly impossible to have new roof installations. On the other hand, cold temperatures can turn roofing materials brittle and surfaces slippery for installation. Here are three areas you can focus on when doing spring roofing […]

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