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Effectively Hide Your Gutter Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are a small yet important part of your home. They protect your foundation and roofing material. Despite their usefulness, they might look out-of-place with your exterior aesthetic. You can effectively hide your gutter downspouts using the following methods.


Paint your downspouts so they blend with your property's primary color. You can imitate the texture of the grass or your siding to hide the downspout in plain sight. This is the most affordable and efficient solution – the acrylic paint can also protect your downspout's physical integrity.


Plants can hide many undesirable areas of the property, including downspouts that stick out from your property's aesthetic. Place your plants around the downspout by boxing it with potted plants or hiding it inside a trellis system. You can hang plants right next to it to give your downspouts a unique look.


Pebble veneer or mosaic siding materials can hide your downspouts effectively. You can arrange them in a square around the downspouts with a few inches between each pebble. You can also use a single pebble and work it around the downspout in a spiral.

Here are a few more methods from Gutter Professionals.

Trellises and/or Clematis Vines

This is a very decorative way to hide the ugly downspouts from top to bottom. Trellises are designed to fit around vertical items. These will add to your curb appeal, landscape elements, and conceal every portion of the downspout. We recommend clematis vines to add to trellises as they are gorgeous flowering vines that are easy to maintain. They also don’t grow out of control, aren’t too heavy, nor are they invasive.

Blend Them with the Siding

One way to make your downspouts less conspicuous includes painting them a different hue. They don’t necessarily have to be the same color as your siding, although that would look really nice, just ensure they don’t contrast with the house. Metal primer and appropriate paint can match the color of your home and is easy to find. There will be a paint to match any type of your home’s exterior material – brick, stucco, vinyl, etc. This can be cumbersome, but very inexpensive. It will also really help camouflage those downspouts that you despise.

Rain Chain Instead of Downspout

Rain chains are appropriate when downspouts are connected to a permanent awning or something else that is not directly connected to the house. Water will run down the chains, and the homeowner can spruce them up with concrete or cast resin splash guards. This could also be a great way to water a gorgeous plant by attaching it to the end of each chain. (Continue reading to learn more)

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