Siding Installation

Trust the Experts with Your Siding Installation Project in Manchester and Glastonbury, CT

The siding of your home is not just a structure that boosts its aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners think that siding simply adds beauty. Siding has immense value in terms of protection against moisture and outside elements. Connecticut is prone to different kinds of outside elements like snowfall, rainfall, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. That is why you need experts doing your siding installation in Connecticut. Manchester or Glastonbury, depending on where you live.

Let’s take a look at how siding benefits you:

Better energy-efficiency

Installing siding adds an extra layer of insulation. Extreme temperatures during summer and winter increase your energy usage. With siding in place, your home retains cold and heat so your cooling and heating systems won’t need to work harder.

Increases resale value

Do you plan to sell your house in the future? The curb appeal and energy-efficiency that siding adds are enticing features to potential buyers. You’ll be able to sell your property at a profitable price.

Reduction of mold

The more protected your home is against moisture from the outside, the less likely it is to develop mold problems. Molds cause respiratory problems. Babies, children, and the elderly are most vulnerable persons in the home.

Professional Siding Installation by Slavin Home Improvement

Our team of professional contractors specializes in home exterior projects. We tackle siding installation specifically in Manchester and Glastonbury Connecticut, serving happy homeowners since 2011.

We use only the best products for our siding projects, sourcing them from manufacturers like CertainTeed and Mastic Home Exteriors. Choose from various color options that match your taste and home’s overall design. Here are reasons why our siding choices are among the best in Manchester and Glastonbury, Connecticut:

  • Colors that bring out the beauty of your home

  • Total protection against weathering

  • Scientifically tested to last longer

  • Durable and low-maintenance

  • Updated according to the latest design trends

In addition to our installation services, we also install PVC trim boards to complete your home renovation project. Out trim boards are rot-resistant and come in beautiful colors and finishes, reducing the need for siding repairs. There’s no better way to boost your property and make it last.

Why Choose Slavin Home Improvement?

A quality siding project is only possible if you entrust it to a contractor that cares for your home. If you are looking for reasonable prices, a job done using the best methods, and materials you can count on – Slavin Home Improvement is the company for you.

Siding is an important decision. Before we start your siding project, we make sure that you get all the information you need. Stop worrying about soaring energy bills, moisture problems, and a house that looks old.

Want your siding done today? For more information and to get a free estimate, contact us at (860) 264-5153 or