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Are Clay Tiles Still Greatly-Dependable Choices for Roofing Materials in South Windsor CT?

If anyone can give an award to clay tile roofs, it would be delivering exceptional lifespan and protection to properties for the longest possible time. Even during the oldest era of castles, clay tile roofs have shown resilience, withstanding great amounts of hail, rain, and snowstorms. Their density is enough to withstand several windstorms too. It's definitely a feat worth noticing, especially during these times that homeowners in South Windsor CT need excellent roofing materials

Clay tile roofs are quite a decision for homeowners to make. They're quite expensive and difficult to install (ask any dependable South Windsor CT roofer about their difficulty and added labor time installing them, yikes). And, once you step on them mistakenly, you're going to hear a sharp crack, and that's the end of one expensive clay tile that you'll need to buy an entire bundle to replace.

However, that's not everything that clay tile roofs have become. They might be brittle, but they can withstand numerous hailstone impacts. While they're organic, spring cleaning and the bi-annual roofing material checkup is one of the best ways to prolong their lifespan and durability. Lastly, even if the bundle is expensive, replacing them is fast and easy if you're using dependable roofers in your area.

To answer the question we stated above, we still believe that clay tile roofs are still greatly-dependable choices as roofing materials for homeowners. It still possesses the excellent strength and durability that can last for 50-70 years. Additionally, it has become more efficient because of the modernized, improved methods manufacturers use for them.

Roofing Megastore has an excellent list of benefits any homeowner can have owning a clay tile roof. Read more about it below:

Benefits of Clay Roof Tiles

The biggest advantage of clay tiles and one of the main reasons that they are chosen, is for their appealing look. You can find clay tiles in a variety of shades that will give a gloriously traditional look and feel to a home regardless of whether it’s a new build or a renovation project. An experienced roofer can also mix and match a few shades of clay tile on a roof to get a brilliant heritage feel (see the Marley Canterbury tile for example – available in three interchangeable shades).

But aside from their aesthetically pleasing exterior they also offer incredible longevity. They’re made from an amazingly durable natural material and a clay roof tile will stand the test of time and withstand high wind speeds and torrential downpours. To this day clay tiles from thousands of years ago are still found in archaeology sites which is a true test of their endurance! And clay tiles are often still processed in the same way as they were way back then, so you know that if you’re putting up a clay roof tile it will be strong, sturdy and require little maintenance.

Their colour of clay tiles also ages brilliantly, tending only to get better with age and they're a brilliant choice for a heritage site, often chosen by building regulators in order to maintain a traditional look of a period home. You’ll find that there is a wide variety of styles available of clay tiles too and thanks to their often interlocking capabilities clay tiles are also easy to install. Another wonderful advantage is that they offer great insulative properties which will help to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter because of the way that air is able to circulate beneath them. (Continued)

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