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Clearest Signs Your Roof Will Outlast The Virus

With self-quarantine being the norm in 2020, it's easy to worry about so many things you can't do daily or periodically. Having a roofing inspection or scheduled repair is one of these activities. Due to no-contact provisions by the government, it's essential to focus on staying at home primarily. However, your dependable South Windsor CT roofer can't head to your property and check your roof's condition. But don't fret because you won't need to worry if you did the following before the quarantine order.

You've Recently Had a Roof Check-Up and Maintenance

Roof maintenance is crucial for many South Windsor CT homes. It can improve a roof's condition by resolving all small roofing problems before they become bigger ones. If you've recently had a roof check-up and maintenance, you won't need to worry about your roof's situation at all. It will outlast the quarantine period.

It's In Use For More Than 10 Years

If you've recently had a roof installed or replaced, you won't need to worry about its condition. All asphalt shingle and traditional roofing material roofs that have more than 10 but not later than 30 years of age can endure throughout a few more years (if the self-quarantine period should last that long).

The Roof Didn't Suffer From Hailstorms Last Year

Lastly, if your roof didn't suffer from hailstorms the previous year, you won't need to worry about its situation at all. Rainstorms and snow are typical problems for roofs. Hailstorms can dislodge and loosen roofing materials.

Freshome has a great list that indicates if you need a dire roof replacement as soon as possible. While it is impossible to do due to the imposed quarantine, contact your trusty roofers in South Windsor CT, such as Slavin Home Improvements, as soon as possible to get your roof replaced fast.

Replace your roof if the shingles are in bad shape

The easiest way to tell that you need to replace your roof is that the shingles themselves are starting to look worn. There are a few ways to tell that you will need a new roof based on how your shingles look:

  • The edges of the shingles may be curled or have a cup-like appearance
  • The shingles are cracking
  • There may be bald patches

In short, if your roof is starting to look old and worn out, it’s time for a new one.

Moss is appearing

Another key sign that you may need to replace your roof is that you’re seeing moss on or between the shingles. While it might seem like moss on the roof is a quaint quality that will make your home look like a fairy tale cabin in the woods, it’s a sign of a potential problem.

Moss itself is not an automatic sign that you need a new roof immediately. Moss does naturally grow on or between shingles, especially on roofs that are in shaded or moist climates. But moss could hint at hidden damage.

The problem with moss is that when it rains, the moss absorbs the water like a sponge and holds onto it. The whole point of shingles is to allow water to roll off the roof and into the gutters. When moss is present, it keeps that moisture from going where it’s meant to go. That can lead to the shingles themselves breaking down. Since moss impedes the water from reaching the gutters, it can also lead to that water seeping into the layers under the shingles, causing water damage and mold growth. (Continued)



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