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Maximizing Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims in South Windsor CT

Even when you use a highly-durable roofing material, your South Windsor CT home will likely suffer damages especially during severe rain, wind, snow, and hailstorms. Fortunately, you've purchased respective insurance policies, which should give you some peace of mind. However, three weeks after you've made roof damage insurance claims, the insurance company said your complaint was invalid.

It turns out, your roof damage insurance claims only show cosmetic roof damages. In turn, you think of it as a loophole when it isn't. Cosmetic roof damage deteriorates the roof's aesthetic but not its functionality. Therefore, the roof is still technically sound. However, some legal academics intend to challenge this outlook as per the Merlin Law Group.

The Cosmetic Damage Roof Insurance Loophole Discussed

Insurance companies have turned the property insurance world upside down by denying claims based on engineers who claim that no "functional damage" occurred and only "cosmetic damage" was sustained at the insured property. Most of us in the property insurance claims business have been taught that any "physical damage" is covered by a property insurance policy. This concept of "physical damage" as the bell weather proof of the type of damage covered under property insurance policies is changing and challenged by some insurers and their forensic vendors who claim that "cosmetic damage" is not really the type of "physical damage" covered under insurance policies.

Some insurers have added new language into policies attempting to only pay for "functional" damage to a building structure and exclude cosmetic damage. Will Wind/Hail Cosmetic Damage Exclusion Endorsements Become the Norm? discussed this: (Continued)

As experienced and knowledgeable South Windsor CT roofers, we've encountered clients and competitors who have dealt with cosmetic roof damage insurance claims successfully. Their solution: align it as a potential damage that can grow into a long-term issue. First, we were asked to perform comprehensive roof damage inspections.

Data is paramount in all roof damage insurance claims. Evidence is crucial in proving the link between supposedly cosmetic roof damage and actual roofing material malfunction. Roofers who can take note of the link through evidence maximize your roof damage insurance claims every single time. To perform a highly-accurate inspection, Angie's List has an excellent step-by-step guide.

How to spot roof damage

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms and hurricanes can tear shingles from your roof and give your roof a beating with tree branches. Follow these steps to check for storm damage to your roof:

• Inspect your attic for leaks or water damage. Also, if any water stains appear on your ceiling or walls, you likely need repairs or a roof replacement.

• Look for signs of storm damage from the ground. Check for missing shingles or missing pieces of metal fascia, including any metal pieces displaced from around your chimney. Also, assess the condition of exhaust pipes, valleys, outer edges or angles where the roof meets the walls.

• Obviously, you’ll notice if a tree fell on your roof. If so, stay out of your home until a professional can determine whether any structural damage occurred. Consider hiring a general contractor or roofer with a general contractor’s license if your home suffered structural damage, as you’ll need more than roof repairs. (Continued)

In many cases, inspecting roofing contractors in South Windsor CT became the homeowner's representative towards their insurance adjuster. The latter often brings a trusted roofing contractor to perform inspections.

The professional roofer's presence on your end helps validate any information the adjuster's contractor finds. Therefore, it creates an accurate picture that helps you maximize your insurance benefits. Bluebird Roofing has the excellent description of what happens between roofers and insurers.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims: Contractors and Adjusters

You won’t be surprised to learn that many of the roofing jobs, gutter repairs, and siding installations we perform are paid for by insurance companies. After all, hail damage and high winds can cause severe damage to roofs, and it only makes sense that homeowners want to make what might be one of the few claims they ever make on their homeowners insurance.

Here’s one of the best parts about getting roof installation that’s paid for by your insurance company: you don’t have to deal with them much! A roofing company will often handle most of the paperwork, and you might only have to have one or two calls with your actual insurance company. Of course, it’s important for a roofing contractor to have a good relationship (and a lot of experience) with insurance companies in order to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Let’s take a look at what a roofer needs when dealing with insurance.


Friendliness will go a long way in the business world. We’re not just friendly with our clients but also with the insurance company. It can go a long way to making the entire process go quickly and efficiently. A roofer should always be friendly…


If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can choose to work with Slavin Home Improvements. We have decades of experience providing top-quality roofing services in our local community. Learn more about what we can do for you by calling us today!



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