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Rightly-Done New Roof Installation in South Windsor CT: A Life-Prolonging Guarantee

When you were planning your new South Windsor CT roof, you wanted to make sure it will last the longest possible it can. Unfortunately, not all roofing material can last forever. But a new roof installation done right will always guarantee the long-term durability and dependability of your roof.

When we say done right, we mean homeowners contacting South Windsor CT's highly dependable roofing contractors with in-depth experience to install or replace their roofs. While having proper new roof installations is only one factor affecting a roof's lifespan, it can drastically improve its long-term performance and capability. Central Homes Roofing has an excellent explanation below.

New Roof Installation: Factors That Affect Roof Lifespan

A roof’s lifespan is completely dependent on many different factors. Many of these are completely out of your control, but there a few that you can keep in mind when purchasing a house or getting a new roof.

Color – Dark colors absorb more heat. In Florida, this is especially important because of the climate, so darker colored shingles or tiles aren’t going to have as long of a lifespan as lighter colors.
Angle of slope – One of the biggest factors affecting the lifespan of your roof is heated from the sun. A flatter pitched roof has more of the surface area being hit from the sun during the day. The higher pitched the roof, the longer it will typically last.

Orientation – If the majority of your roof is facing east or west, it will have more time being hit by the sun. This causes the lifespan of your roof to lower.

Quality of material – The grade of materials for your roof can differ greatly based on affordability. Depending on your budget, it may be better for you to get the better, more expensive shingles or tiles to increase your roof’s lifespan and save money over the long run.

Installation – A professional and strong installation of your roof can drastically improve the lifespan of it. A shoddy job may be less expensive upfront, but the cost will add up over time due to repairs and, eventually, an entirely new roof.

Ventilation – If your attic isn’t ventilated properly, it can lower the lifespan of your roof and drastically increase your energy bills.
Nearby trees – Trees and nearby foliage can drop branches onto your roof, creating weak points that will then be even more vulnerable to all of the other factors.

Climate – While there’s virtually nothing that we can do to stop it, it’s worthwhile to point out the fact that Florida’s harsh climate is a serious factor in the lifespan of your roof. It just means that you’ll need to pay even more attention to your roof and really work on maintaining it. (Continue Reading)

In addition to an excellent new roof installation, the roofing material itself contributes the remaining 40% to its long-term performance. It is true: more expensive and low-maintenance roofing materials will remain more expensive. However, if you didn't have to spend so much on roof repairs and maintenance and will possibly enjoy beyond 50 years of excellent roofing, then it's definitely worth investing in a top-shelf roofing material.

Ridgecon has a great post talking about the longest-lasting and highly durable South Windsor CT residential roofing materials. You can check it out below.

The Longest-Lasting Roofing Materials Today

The NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) rates slate as by far the longest lasting roofing material, with a life expectancy of 150+ years, followed closely by clay and concrete at roughly 100 years. This would seem to make them the ideal choice if you’re planning a home to last for generations but there are drawbacks to these materials that you will need to consider:

First, there’s the cost. These are premium materials and they come at premium prices. With such a long life expectancy, they’ll provide value for money in the long term but the initial outlay is extremely high.

Another problem is weight. All these materials are heavier than the alternatives and require very strong support, adding to the cost of construction. This is particularly true for slate, which is, after all, solid stone.

Finally, there are aesthetic considerations. With clay tiles and concrete, your choice of color and appearance are very limited. With slate, it’s reduced to choosing between shades of grey. This can look very elegant on the right building in the right setting but would look extremely out-of-place on most suburban homes.

So although clay, concrete, and slate are the most durable roofing materials, they might not necessarily right for you. (Keep Reading)

You will want to depend and make sure you get the right people on the job. However, even with their long-term experience with new roof installation, a few things may have gone awry in the process. In turn, this may compromise the lifespan and performance of your new roof.

It pays to know what looks like a good roofing job from a bad one. Home Reference has a great post illustrating the signs your chosen roofing contractor or your DIY new roof installation needs more professional and detailed attention.

Critical Signs Your Roofing Contractor Did a Bad New Roof Installation

One of the most expensive parts of your home to repair is the roof. Sadly, this is also one of the most common places to find poor workmanship. A badly built or repaired roof can lead to numerous problems in the future, including further roof work and structural damage due to leaks.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to spot a bad roofing job. The following are several common signs that your roofer wasn’t worth the cost.

A large percentage of poor roofing jobs can be spotted easily; some are even visible from the ground. In most cases, these visual signs will occur long after the roof is built and will be the result of storm damage or general erosion.

Spotting any of these shortly after a roofing job, especially if there were no major storms, can be a prime indicator that the roofing contractor did a poor job.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

After a major storm, it is not uncommon to find some shingle damage. However, if your home is the only one on the block to suffer such damage, the quality of the roof itself must be brought into question.

Small sections of shingle can be replaced without needing to repair the entire roof, although you should get a professional roof inspection in the event the damage is unique to your home. (Continued)

It is always wise to remember that excellent roofing requires the best, highly professional roofers to guarantee an excellent installation. If you have yet to find an excellent contractor, Slavin Home Improvements can provide you with a top-notch roofing installation guaranteed to maximize your roofing materials. Learn more about what we can do for you today!



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