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Pay Attention To Your South Windsor CT Roof This Quarantine Season

It's completely understandable that during these times where social isolation and distancing is important, you find a lack of productive things to do. However, during this quarantine season, you can be productive without harming or causing further damage to your roof. Most South Windsor CT homeowners will plan to repair and address the issues their roof might have. However, we highly recommend just learning to inspect and look for trouble areas across your roof.

First, you should head to your attic. Make sure to wear an N95 mask (the one that medical professionals use to treat and observe people who have contracted the novel coronavirus) before doing so. Spores from fungi and other problematic lifeforms that have made their habitat inside your roof are a leading cause of infectious and deadly diseases.

Inside your attic, observe whether you see sunlight peering across the area. If you do, then take a ladder and observe if your roof has some curled, missing, or damaged shingles or tiles. Once the rainy season begins, it's highly likely these light sources will become a major source of leaks in your home. You'll want to call your reliable South Windsor CT roofer to resolve these issues promptly.

Next, run your garden hose across your roof, then have someone else inside the house observe from inside the property. If they see some brown or dark stains and splotches across your interior ceiling, then your roof is highly likely damaged and will require roofing material and underlayment replacement.

Woodard has a great list of areas to look into when inspecting your roof. Read more about it here.

    1. Walk around your home’s exterior, inspecting the roof from the ground for signs of damage, sagging, and aging. Take notes of any possible problem areas or areas in need of closer inspection.

    2. Identify areas with moss, algae, and piles of leaves – these areas are notorious for causing costly leaks and water damage.

    3. Keep your eye out for buckled and curled shingles! Hot air from attics often causes shingles to buckle and curl away from the home, putting your roof and home at great risk for weather damage and poor roof ventilation.

  1. Look for missing, damaged, and aged shingles – this is the leading cause of roof damage. When you take the time to inspect your roof, you can catch minor issues like these before they turn into major issues followed by serious damage. Missing shingles = direct exposure to inclement weather, plus, they are an eyesore!

  2. It is so important to clean your gutters and roof overhangs and maintain your downspouts! As you’re performing these essential tasks, make note of open joins and signs of rot, as those are typical indicators of larger issues.

  3. Look closely for granule loss (texture on shingles). Granule loss indicates that shingles have aged or have been affected by severe weather, and are no longer protecting your home against damaging storms. If your shingles don’t have a texture on them anymore, replace them! (Continued)

Make sure you're working with excellent roofers, such as Slavin Home Improvements, to make sure all the roof damages you discover you can deal with completely, effectively, and affordably. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!



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