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South Windsor CT Roofing Ideas: Why Not Opt for Metal Roofs?

Metal is the same material airplane and vehicle manufacturers use. While they have a higher or lower density than average metal roofs, they provide almost the parallel level of protection and performance. If you're planning to repair or replace your roof, we believe it's wise to use metal roofs especially in South Windsor CT.

Most roofers will agree that metal roofs, though initially expensive, are excellent choices as roofing for any property. Taylor Metal Products has the best reasons why you should consider having a metal roof for your home.

All About Metal Roofs Homeowners Need to Know


A great option for homeowners thinking about installing a high quality metal roof is using steel roofing material. Not only do metal roof sheets look great, but they also offer plenty more benefits for homeowners when it comes to roofing. They last much longer than asphalt shingles, look far more modern, and hold up under extreme weather better than the alternatives.


Metal roofs can last more than 30 years with only minimal maintenance, whereas asphalt shingles will need constant upkeep and repairs. If you have your roof inspected at least twice a year and keep up with proper maintenance, however, your new metal roof will be able to last much longer than 30 years. Metal roofs can retain 95% of their emittance and reflectance over their lifetime, too. (Continued)

While they're highly exceptional in performance and durability (and we can attest to its capabilities being South Windsor CT's highly trusted roofersSouth Windsor CT's highly trusted roofers), they aren't perfect roofing materials. It pays to know what problems you'll need to cope with once you consider using metal roofs for your residence.

Sure enough, we can confidently say rusting isn't the biggest issue you'll have with metal roofs. Bob Vila has an excellent list of metal roof pros and cons you need to know.

Pros and Cons of Owning Metal Roofs

Rain on a tin roof proves so soothing that it can be found on white noise machines and meditation apps alike, but that’s not the only reason (nor one of the top!) for its popularity among today’s homeowners. Growing numbers of people are installing metal roofs in both new construction and roof replacement projects. In fact, McGraw-Hill Construction and Analytics estimates that 750,000 U.S. homeowners chose metal roofing for their residences as of 2015. That number indicates an 11 percent share of the roofing market—second choice only to asphalt shingles.

Curious why this construction material has won over so many homeowners? See the complete list of metal roofing pros and cons below. Weigh them carefully, and you may find that you, too, could benefit from this reliable roofing overhead.

PRO: Metal roofs are durable and long-lasting.(Continued)

Lastly, it is possible to DIY install your metal roofs. With enough skill and the right equipment, you can definitely handle tearing off your old roof and replacing it with a brand-new metal roofing material. If you are handy with a tool and want to dedicate a few weekends to install your new standing seam or corrugated metal roof, you'll just need to follow some easy instructions.

ABC Metal Roofing has the list of all the equipment you'll need to install metal roofs in the best way. Learn more about it below.

Tools Roofers Need In Handling Metal Roofs

At ABC, we value our partnership with you, and aim to provide you with the tools your customers need. Our wide variety of installation resources and tips help your customers seamlessly integrate our high-quality metal roof and wall products into their building projects.

Learn from one of our experts about the tools and steps necessary to install metal roofing by watching the short video or reading the transcript. Below is a list of necessary tools you will want to use in a typical metal roofing installation. We use some common tools that you may recognize, as well as some not so common tools that are very helpful during the installation process. (Read more)

However, a non-professional roofing installation will not guarantee your metal roof will provide its promised durability and performance. Most metal roof manufacturers employ certification programs to make sure its roofing installations are done properly. It is for this reason roofers with in-depth experience and knowledge such as Slavin Home Improvements are at your service. If you're looking for reliable roofers to install your metal roofs and guarantee quality, contact us today!



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