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South Windsor CT Tips: Dealing With Dry Rot in Attic

We're often concerned about external appearances. For example, we're worried about our external roofing material more than we're concerned about our attics and interiors. In some cases, South Windsor CT homeowners forget about gutters, which can gravely affect their yards especially during heavy rainstorms. In this light, we also often forget one crucial thing: dry rot in attic.

All organic materials rot and decompose. When molds and fungi latch on wood, they accelerate the degradation process. Dry rot in attic is the result of this occurrence. Even South Windsor's finest roofers use safety equipment to make sure they are not contaminated upon removing and repairing dry rot in attic areas. Learn more about wood rot through The Daily Bark's informative post below.

All About Dry Rot in Attic: Mold and Fungi Infestations

Rotted wood is more than just a nuisance. Advanced decay can cause structural failure. We’ve talked about wood rot in previous posts, and about wood rot repair. But what is wood rot in its various guises?

We thought it’d be useful to take a look at the nature of wood fungus in general, dry rot, wet rot and other types of rot that can make your wood look less than its best and ultimately destroy it.

About wood decay fungus on dead and live wood

Wood decay fungus comes in various varieties but they all digest damp wood. Take brown rot, the major contributor to decay in dead wood, or the Honey Fungus which colonises and attacks living trees. Some fungi actually grow on the wood and consume it, effectively destroying their own home. Others affect the carbohydrates contained in wood and others go for the lignin, the organic polymer that keeps the cells in plants rigid. (Continued)

Dry rot in attic is dangerous not only because it can collapse your roofing structure at any time. It's a threat because mold releases spores. The wind can carry them into living areas and become a health hazard for any family.

Unfortunately, the only way to know if there's a spore contamination is to inspect your attic for dry rot. The other way is to find people at home sick from possible respiratory illnesses and weakened immune systems. The Attic Guys have an excellent post about the dangers of dry rot in attic due to molds below.

Dry Rot in Attic: The Immense Threat of Mold Spores

Have you seen a patch of black mold growing in your attic? Some people assume that mold in the attic is perfectly normal and causes no reason for concern. After all, if it’s confined to the attic, how much of a threat dose it really pose? Unfortunately, mold in the attic is a serious hazard that can lead to serious illness or even death.

Mold can lead to a variety of health problems, some of which include the following:

  • Respiratory illness and/or infection
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Allergic reactions
  • And more…

The biggest problem associated with mold growth is the possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction. According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Health Services, approximately 10% of the population is allergic to mold. To make matters worse, very few people know whether or not they are allergic to mold, let alone which type of mold they are allergic to. This compounds the problem even further to create a truly scary scenario for families in mold-stricken homes. (Continued)

Roof attic repairs and replacement can be quite costly. While molds seem harmless and infiltrate homes silently, the destruction they bring is enormous.  Unfortunately, your roof deck and materials depend on your roof trusses in the attic greatly. A mold infestation that accelerates wood's rotting process will cut short both the roof and the entire property's lifespan.

However, if it is inevitable you'll need to replace your roof wood trusses, Home Advisor has an excellent breakdown of the costs you'll likely deal with. Read more about it below.

Roof Truss Prices

For a 2,000 square foot home, roof truss installation typically costs between $7,200 and $12,000. You’ll spend anywhere from $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot for materials alone, or between $35 and $150, though extremely long and complex types can reach $400 each. Labor runs anywhere from $20 to $75 per hour. Ranges in both materials and labor are due to location, size and roof complexity.

A roof truss is a premade frame for a roof. These prefabricated units reduce labor costs and make assembly both quick and easy. They are manufactured with steel plates at the joints, increasing the initial price but lowering overall labor costs since this doesn’t have to be done on-site. The truss is made up of three parts:
  1. Bottom chord - a horizontal beam also called a runner or tie beam.
  2. Top chord - two boards angled up from the ends sometimes also called rafters.
  3. Webbing - a series of bracing boards or runners. (Continued)

When dealing with molds and fungi infestations, you may inhale mold spores when you're scraping off molds or performing repairs. It will be best to find a dependable South Windsor CT roofing contractor to help you. If you have yet to find one, you can count on Slavin Home Improvements to help. With a vast experience in roofing and roof attic repairs and replacements, you can depend on us for any of your roofing needs. Contact us today!



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