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The 3 Clearest Dangers of DIY Roofing (And Not Just For Your Personal Sake!)

Do it yourself has become a cultural movement. The media and even successful DIY bloggers call it a huge, money-saving practice, and it makes the entire experience productive and elevating. However, the dangers of DIY roofing and inexperienced practices never become apparent to South Windsor CT homeowners that want excellent repairs despite their lack of experience.

DIY roofing is dangerous, and even if you have prior experience, you can still be injured and put your roof at risk with untried and half-effective methods. Here are our top three reasons why you should consider never going DIY on roofing at all.

Inexperience Translates to Expenses

Often, most do-it-yourself blogs never highlight the dangers of DIY roofing. In addition, they never indicate how much reliable and dependable roofing contractors invest in top-quality equipment to deliver exceptional results. Furthermore, the time professional roofers invest in training personnel for certifications and excellent services will never come to light in these publications.

Unfortunately, inexperience does translate to expenses. Your initial equipment investment can be the equivalent of a single roofing job's cost -- and the latter is done in the best and most professional way possible. In addition, you'll likely use the equipment once especially if you've found it difficult. While re-selling is an option, no one wants to put themselves in that situation.

Bird Creek Roofing has an excellent discussion on why DIY roofing is never really a good idea at all. Read more below.


Roof repair is a complicated process and replacing more than just a few shingles requires extensive training and the proper equipment. Professional roofers have the tools and equipment they need to work safely and effectively. Professional roofers have years of experience and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.


It can be difficult to evaluate the health of your roof without a complete roof inspection. When professional roofers inspect a roof, they look for potential hazards along with damage that has already occurred. Being uninformed about the severity of your roof damage can increase the risk of injury. At Birdcreek Roofing, our roofers continually undergo training to ensure that the latest and safest roofing techniques and practices are applied.


Although DIY projects are often opportunities for great savings, it’s not necessarily true for roofing. What starts off as a cheaper alternative can quickly become more expensive when the extra costs of buying your own materials and tools start to add up and in the end, you are forced to hire a professional to redo all the work. Our roofers are trained to identify the problem and provide homeowners with the most cost-effective way to fix it. Not to mention that the majority of replacements and repairs are typically covered by your home insurance! (Continued)

Do You Want Permanent Disabilities Just to Save Money?

In addition to expenses and possible equipment mishandling that can lead to further and more serious roofing damages, inexperience will always contribute to the dangers of DIY roofing and its personal injury risks.

Roofers undergo consistent physical and professional training to ensure they can handle different altitudes, work in different scenarios, and handle equipment efficiently in the process. This helps reduce the risk of possible injuries. Unfortunately, homeowners in South Windsor CT who believe in DIY but have yet to do it have never undergone these programs, which puts them at risk of possible injury.

Pond Roofing has a list of personal injuries you can potentially suffer through the dangers of DIY roofing.

  • Slip and fall: If you slip and fall while working on a roof, there’s a good chance you’ll fall to the ground below. This can cause serious injury or death. The risk of falling should be enough for you to avoid this type of project.

  • Fall through the roof: You may not think this is a concern, but it’s possible you could fall through your roof into your home. Not only does this cause damage to your property, but it can also result in serious injury.

  • Back or neck injury: For example, there’s nothing easy about getting shingles onto a roof. Just the same, the physical labor associated with a roofing project is nothing to take light. With so much strain on your back and neck, an injury is possible. (Continued)

You're Missing Out on a Lot of Things Thereafter

When you work with professional, experienced, and well-educated roofers in South Windsor CT, you're guaranteed they have certifications to handle specific roofing materials. For example, Slavin Home Improvements is an excellent roofer with more than a decade of roofing experience. With their long-term experience and certifications, they can guarantee exceptional roofing repairs that will not place your roofing material warranty at risk.

If you did this with DIY roofing, you're missing out on a lot of benefits such as material warranty and labor warranties from contractors too.

Learn more about what Slavin Home Improvements can do for you today. Contact us now!



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