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Why Do Roofing Consultations Work Despite The Distance?

Nowadays, all your trusted roofers, including Slavin Home Improvements, do roofing consultations online. Most of these services are available online anytime at your convenience. However, nothing compares to having an actual roofer helping you learn about the flaws and issues concerning your property by climbing on your roof and using their own eyes to observe it. Yet, many homeowners have seen results working with online roofing consultations.

Consulting with your roofer using the internet is easy. You need only to provide an online meeting schedule. Then, the roofer will ask about your existing roofing issues. Using various simple technologies, smartphone camera sticks, midway ladder climbs and just describing your roof's condition, roofers can advise regarding the roof's condition.

It's better if you can climb your roof. But, those who can't need only to use their camera or just provide the roofer sufficient descriptions. In doing so, roofers can give suitable advice to improve any roof's condition and prolong the property's lifespan, performance and supply cost-effective solutions.

To learn more about this process, Hook Agency has a great explanation to get you started. Read more about it below.

One way Stephanie Craig and Urbach Roofing are using technology is through zoom calls to do their re-roofing estimates. They are also not accepting checks and are instead taking credit and cards over the phone to eliminate contact.

Gigi of Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc said they have been taking full advantage of modern times and is using much of what’s available to them. Gigi said they have been doing their billing electronically and paperless, as well as doing their estimates with a particular software they have, as well as with licensed and equipped drones. Gigi stated that this process can be done from the office, so they do not have to come into contact with the homeowner.

It’s amazing what can still be done during these times with the technology we are provided with. The roofing contractors taking advantage of these tools have not noticed much of a change in business and continue to work and get business during these times.

If you’re one of those businesses that are finding it hard to continue business during these times, do some research on the different options out there that you can implement into your processes. You could find the answer you’ve been looking for.


The roofing community is taking several precautions to keep their customers, and themselves at lower risk of getting and spreading the Coronavirus.

One way Jenny Odom and Centennial Roofing are taking precautions is by having their homeowners send over pictures themselves, so they can diagnose damage and move on from there. Another way Centennial Roofing is taking precaution is by entering through the homeowner’s attic if they have one so they don’t have to enter the home. (Continued)

Work only with the most reliable roofers in your area. If you have yet to find them, you can always count on Slaving Home Improvements for your property development needs. Contact us today!



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