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Roofing Estimates: 5 Things That Your Contractor Must Include

Roofing estimates help homeowners understand the cost of a project. They also help homeowners understand what needs to be done to their roof, such as the materials needed and the amount of time the project will take. . However, contractors may not include all of the information needed to accurately estimate a roofing project. Here are five things a roofing contractor must include in their contract.

Start and Completion Date

Roofing estimates are a common practice in the industry and are important to help homeowners understand the scope of work, time required, and cost. The starting date typically reflects when the materials will be ordered and the completion date reflects when the work is expected to be completed. If there are any delays or additional work is required, it can be reflected in the estimate and additional fees could be charged depending on the circumstances.

Termination Clause

A termination clause is a provision within a roofing contract that stipulates that either party can cancel the agreement with a specified notice. The clause is important because it outlines the steps to cancel the agreement. Termination clauses are used in all roofing contracts to ensure that the terms of the agreement meet both parties needs and determines how much notice must be given by either party to terminate the contract, which can be vital in reducing costs

Material Costs and Warranties

Estimates must include the material costs and warranties that come with a roofing contract. Material costs include the cost of any materials used during the installation process such as shingles, flashing, and so on. The cost of materials can be estimated by giving a figure on how much shingles for a certain size will cost per square foot and multiplying that number by the total area of the roof.

A roofing estimate should also include the cost of a contingency and failure of materials, which is an addition payment to cover any unexpected costs that may arise during installation plus a warranty that allows manufacturers to fix any issues that may arise from the roof once it is installed.

Defined Add-On Costs

Add-on roofing services will always inflate your total costs. These include painting, shaping, and styling various areas of your roofing material to add to its curb appeal and functionality. It’s best that roofers define the accurate prices of these services in case you wish to include them at any time during the roofing project.

Labor Warranties

Roofing labor warranties are contracts that guarantee a certain level of workmanship on a new roof. If a roof fails within the warranty period, the contractor will repair or replace the roof at no cost to the homeowner. The roofing contractor will typically agree to repair or replace the roof during the warranty period if it fails while the homeowner is using it for no less than four years. The contract can also any structural damage caused by a failing roof, such as destroyed windows and doors.

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